21 Nov - 28 Feb 2021

MAPBM: Fabrik

Until 28 February 2021

Featuring artists Vivienne Dadour, Anne Graham, Beata Geyer, Ian Milliss and Ebony Secombe and Fiona Davies (curator).

Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains (MAPBM) is a contemporary art association that aims to support, advocate and develop exhibitions in Western Sydney and further afield. Five artists from this collective will create new works spanning photography, soft sculpture, prints and installation that respond to the themes and ideas associated with the production and circulation of textiles in the 21st Century.

The exhibition, Fabrik, which will be presented in Lewers House, will explore the idea of the material object, as well as the processes of making and unmaking of textiles, clothing and papers. These objects often exhibit a seductive beauty and are major components of the contemporary cycle of production and consumption. The exhibition also includes the questioning of the environmental and social impacts of production and their retailing. These impacts include the human rights and social justice of instances of the use of child labour, inadequate wages, labour movements and poor and unsafe working conditions. The artists involved in the project are Vivienne Dadour, Anne Graham, Beata Geyer, Ian Milliss and Ebony Secombe and Fiona Davies (curator).

21 Nov 2020 10:00 am

28 Feb 2021 10:00 am

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