Photo / Emily Parsons-Lord, The Great Dying 2016, Courtesy of the artist. photo: silversalt

Image: Emily Parsons-Lord, The Great Dying 2016, Courtesy of the artist. photo: silversalt.

When are you open?

The Gallery* is open daily from 10am – 3.45pm

Cafe at Lewers* is open 8am – 3pm daily (Kitchen close at 2pm. Coffee and cake until 3pm). To book the Cafe please call 4735 4265.


Can I walk into the houses and have a look around?

You most certainly can. The two houses on the property – Lewers House and Ancher House – are two of our public gallery spaces. You’re welcome to come inside and have a look.

Do you sell art?

No, we are not a commercial gallery.

We do have some very nice pieces of craft and artisan items in our shop, though.

Do you value art?

No, however we can point you in the right direction, in some cases.

How do I donate my art to the Gallery?

We’re glad you asked.

The generosity of donors is a crucial factor in the Gallery’s continual development of the permanent collection as a dynamic resource to bring quality contemporary works by renowned artists to our audience. Some works are donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.

Please see our Support Us page for more information on ways to donate.

How do I get to the Gallery?

Please see our Visit Us page for a map and more information.

Can I Volunteer in some way?

There is information about Volunteering on our Support Us page.

You might like to also consider joining Friends of the Gallery.

Can I get married in the garden?

It’s certainly an option. Check out our Venue Hire information. Cafe at Lewers can provide catering for a magical event.

Do you have cloaking?

Sorry, we have limited space and do not have cloaking facilities.

Can I book a table for lunch?


Just contact Cafe at Lewers on 4735 4265 and they’ll help you out with your booking.