13 Jan - 28 Apr

Ancher Points: Twelvefold

Until 28 April

Jack Buckley, Chloe Clarke, Holly-Lee Dickson, Saskia Everingham, Chris Hunter, Felix Jackson, Divya Lotliker, Tia Madden, Doris Rainsford, Jacqueline Taylor, Kelcie Bryant-Duguid, Jayniel Villacorta

In April of 2023, twelve local emerging artists were selected to take part in the inaugural Ancher Points: Emerging Artists Intensive. For one week, the artists met in Ancher House to engage in an exchange of skills and knowledge with artists, mentors, and each other. The program built on the artistic integrity of the site and its original inhabitants, Margo and Gerald Lewers, and witnessed a coming together of a diverse group of artists, and a shared platform from which to expand ideas in a professional and supportive environment.

Equipped with new tools, relationships, affinities and concepts, the artists embarked on twelve journeys to broaden their practice. In the nine months to follow, those paths looped and intersected, encountered new ideas, and rediscovered others. Nine months on, the artists share their journeys in the culminating exhibition Twelvefold.

Twelvefold presents twelve pieces of a whole. Stemming from the shared experience in Ancher Points, each work reflects the experimentation and expansion undergone by each participating artist. Just as Penrith Regional Gallery has long played host to experiences of connection, incubation and experimentation, Ancher Points offered artists the opportunity to learn and emerge within the creative community in Greater Western Sydney. Now, the legacy of the site paves way for new creative futures, which here, are glimpsed twelvefold.

13 January – 28 April 2024


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