Scissor, Paper, Rock (the boat)

The exhibition title, Scissor, Paper, Rock (the boat), is a play on the well known children’s game, with the addition of ‘the boat’ which is a major theme in the exhibition. Boats as vessels: holding dreams, carrying people and transporting animals. A sense of departure, arrival, journey and adventure will underpin the narrative component of the exhibition, which will also feature models of sailing boats, a selection of mariner’s instruments and a special semaphore message for visitors to decode. Scissor, Paper ,Rock (the boat) will include origami, printmaking, model boats and a site specific installation of paper ‘dream boats’ made by one thousand local children. The exhibitions interactive elements will explore the three components of the title; paper, scissors, and rocking the boat with all its maritime, adventure and cross cultural references.

21 September – 10 November 2013

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