11 May - 04 Aug


Until 4 August

ARTEXPRESS is an annual showcase of artworks from the previous year’s Higher School Certificate, celebrating the high standards reached by New South Wales Visual Arts students.

Penrith Regional Gallery presents a unique selection of ARTEXPRESS work by 36 students from New South Wales, including several works from schools from our local area.

The exhibition provides insight into student creativity and the issues that are pertinent to them, through a variety of expressive forms including, painting, drawing, ceramics, photomedia, and time-based forms.

ARTEXPRESS 2024 is a partnership between the NSW Department of Education, and the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), presented at participating galleries.

Artists include: Hussen Abdallah, Lauren Ahtee, Achan Ajak, Farah Amin, Sarah Caroll, Kendrick Cheung, Millie Crowley, Lachlan Dacey, Caleb Homes, Jacinta Kieffer, Kevin Kou, Robbie Little, Yitong Liu, Gianne Lois Magcalayo, Zsalea Mansley, Janna Martin-Cooley, Lachlan Martinez, Ruby McCall, Chloe Mitchell, Isabel Nystrom, Jessie O’Rielly, Georgina Pechan, Olivia Phoon, Elyse Pulbrook, Grace Pun, Titan Sclavenitis, Ella Shield, Emma Simpson, Chelsea Stewart, Peter Tran, Karungurungu Tubaleke, Cristian Varvakis, Isabella Warland, Egan White, Johanthan Xiao, Olivia Yarwood


Bookings are essential for all school visits. Please follow the link below for more information and to book.


11 May – 4 August 2024

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