09 Sep - 10 Dec 2023

Parlour Parlëur

the ArtHitects (Gary Carsley & Renjie Teoh)

The Main Gallery is transformed into another world with Parlour Parlëur a new project by the ArtHitects (Gary Carsley and Renjie Teoh). Taking the parlour as a distinct social site that combines both the public and private, the artists have constructed a dynamic space for personal relationships and ritual in a visually stunning site-specific architectural experience.

the ArtHitects draw on histories of artmaking, architecture and practices of personal memory-making to propose new physical and symbolic spaces for dialogue to unfold. In Parlour Parlëur, thousands of overlapping A4 photocopies are pasted on the Gallery walls, creating a scene that is both theatre spectacle and optical illusion, merged with rich imagery drawn from the Gallery’s collection of art, furniture and the gardens.

Historically, the parlour was a space within the home to entertain guests and for conversation. However, over time its purpose gave way to the living room as a site for family rituals and gathering, and as our ways of socialising have changed. The parlour was also a place to receive guests and was the most public of private spaces in a domestic environment.

Within this spirit of hospitality, the ArtHitects have created a visual encounter that celebrates the often-overlooked acts of creativity within our homes and communities, bringing them into new light and to new audiences in an immersive and uplifting experience.

Parlëur, the French verb that means to talk is enacted as a call and response in the gallery between objects, animation, voice, and architecture, translating and interpreting the parlour and its histories in a richly entangled narrative for everyone to experience.

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Parlour Parlëur is showcased as part of Sydney Design Week 2023.


the ArtHitects (Gary Carsley & Renjie Teoh)

After their widely celebrated installation The Regency Made Me Blind (2018), a site-specific print work composed of more than 7,000 overlapping A4 photocopies commissioned by the National Gallery of Singapore and realised with Jeremy Chu, artist Gary Carsley (1957) and architect Ren Jie Teoh (1983) established the ArtHitects. Working out of both Sydney and Singapore they have chosen to sublimate their separate identities as artist and architect and to synthesise their different cultural backgrounds and generational outlooks. the ArtHitects are committing to evolving a transcultural visual language to express the lived experiences of contemporary Australia’s increasingly blended communities. And to linking local histories to those of our region rather than those of the North.

They have an interest in the arcane, the specific and the manual as strategies for pushing back against uniformities and generalisations produced by globalisation. Their large-scale artworks, developed through a dialogue with community groups, curators and public collections, are experienced as resonant, activated social spaces. In these immersive, richly visual, dimensionally beguiling environments audiences can come together to form new networks; reflecting and celebrating the things they have in common.

9 September – 10 December 2023

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