Art Walks | Nesting

Artist Abdullah M. I. Syed from our upcoming exhibition, From the Collection X Abdullah M.I. Syed, has created an Art Walk inspired by the idea of a nest. This Art Walk invites you to consider your home as a nest, and engage with natural materials found along your journey. Follow the video and instructions below to participate.

“During lockdown, I have been drawn to the nests of birds and insects in my backyard. It fuelled memories of my childhood home in Pakistan and reflected my desire to build a nest for my new family in Australia. I think the place we call home, is like our nest, our sanctuary. It is not made from twigs, feathers or even bricks, but rather from emotions and memories. It is a safe place where we surround ourselves with invisible arrangements of comfort, struggles, familiarity and nostalgia – a memory nest is built to last generations.” – Abdullah M.I. Syed

  • Take a moment to reflect on a memory of a place you call home. It could be a physical place, an idea, or a state of mind, where you are most comfortable.
  • Keeping this memory in your mind, take a walk, observing your surroundings with curiosity. Do you notice any animals or insects tending to their nests?
  • Carefully collect a variety of natural items that remind you of your home. These could be flowers, leaves, pinecones, rocks, sand, shells or even shiny discarded metal objects.
  • Select a place along your path to arrange your items into a nest. Using colour, shape, and pattern, assemble your nest in a way that represents your home.
  • Take a photograph and leave your nest for another person to observe, or for nature to reclaim.
  • You may choose to return to your nest each day to expand your arrangement.

With thanks to Salma Ehsan Cheema. Abdullah M. I. Syed is represented by Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, Sydney.

Nesting Play