Art Walks | Hearing Surface

Expand and enrich your daily exercise in our online series, Art Walks. Artists Sue Pedley and Phaptawan Suwannakudt from our upcoming exhibition, Line Work: Rivers of the Basin, have created an Art Walk titled Hearing Surface. Follow the video and instructions below to participate.


What you need
  • Drawing Materials: Pencil, crayons or graphite stick.
  • Paper: optional size and quantity. For good results use thin paper you find in your home such as baking paper, old note books or recycled wrapping paper.
  • Sound Element: Knowledge in your Hands, Eyes and Minds (Sound Recording, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, 2018) Scroll down to listen to the sound element and for more information it.


  • While you walk, listen to the sound element provided by the artists. You will hear overlapping voices, reading and singing Thai poetry.
  • Pause to make rubbings of surfaces that capture your interest such as bricks, tree trunks, pavements, or found objects.
  • To make a rubbing, place a sheet of paper over the surface you wish to record. Rub back and forth over the paper with the longest side of your crayon or graphite stick. Apply enough pressure to pick up all the interesting details of the surface.
  • At home, develop your rubbings into art works by drawing, writing, tearing and collaging.
  • Share your experience and response to the walk using #homewithprg and tag us @penrithregionalgallery

Everyone has their own way of moving through space. This Art Walk is open to all styles of movement, pace, and duration.


Sound Element

Knowledge in your Hands, Eyes and Minds, Sound Recording, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, 2018


The poetry read by Australian students (age 12-18) who attended Buddharangsee Thai Community Languages School, Sydney, recorded by Phaptawan 2018

The singing recitation version of the same poetry was commissioned by Phaptawan and pre-recorded by students and teachers at the Thai Music Department of Traditional Performances, Angthong province Thailand. The record was conducted by Professor Somphop Khiewmanee. Somphop travelled to Sydney as part of Thai community funded program Music instructor in Residence at the Buddharangsee Thai Community Languages School, Sydney during the three (Thai) Summer breaks which coincided with NSW school holidays in April 2016, 2017, 2018. He taught and conducted the Thai dances and Thai instrument programs for the school

Sound-mixed editor: Tansakul Suwannakudt, The Don Boy Production, Bangkok 2018

The sound piece was part of Phaptawan mixed-media installation Knowledge in your Hands, Eyes and Minds; exhibited at the following venues:

  • Cement Fondu, Sydney August 2018
  • The Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 at Wat Pho temple October 2018-February 2019
  • The Asia TOPA Triennial 2020, The Arts Centre, Melbourne

References: Poetry inscribed on the wall of Wat Pho temple (The poetry collected from different writers during King Rama III of Thailand 1824-1851). This was recognised as the first open University of The Kingdom of Thailand

The side images the inscribed wall from Wat Pho temple, the middle image shows the reading direction of different beginning and ending and directions each of which may produce different combination of different narrative and meaning.

Sources: Google images: Wat Pho (Chetiupon) Temple

Hearing Surface Play