Art Walks

One of the simple joys available to us during our time at home is a walk around our neighbourhood. Artists from the upcoming Gallery program have produced a series of Art Walks that invite you to experience a new way of moving through and relating to your environment.

Each artist will share their journey through instructions via video that ask you to listen, make or move in different ways during your daily walk.

Art Walks offer a way to transform and enrich our daily exercise through art making.

We invite you to participate by following the artists’ instructions via videos that will be shared on our social channels and on this page. We’d love you to share the outcome of your walk on your social pages – tag us @penrithregionalgallery and include the hashtag #homewithprg

Check out the Art Walks trailer and our Art Walks videos below!

Please be sure to follow the latest NSW Health advice and guidelines when participating in Art Walks.

Art Walks | Hearing Surface

Artists Sue Pedley and Phaptawan Suwannakudt from our upcoming exhibition, Line Work: Rivers of the Basin, have created our very first Art Walk titled Hearing Surface.

Click here to participate

Art Walks | Nesting

Artist Abdullah M. I. Syed from our upcoming exhibition, From the Collection X Abdullah M.I. Syed, has created an Art Walk inspired by the idea of a nest.

Click here to participate
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