03 May - 15 Aug 2022

Sunrise, Sunset

Todd McMillan and Sarah Mosca

Blue Mountain artists, Todd McMilllan and Sarah Mosca respond to a literary text written by Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities. It is a story about an ageing emperor seeking to learn of the cities in his vast kingdom. The tales are told from the accounts of a travelling merchant. It is a conversation between two people. Stories of whimsy and melancholy. Yet it is a travelogue to places that do not exist. The text acts an as anchor point for this collaborative project, not so much  a description of something or somewhere but more a recollection that is hazy at the edges, shifting in changing light. This exhibition is about sharing tales, re-telling stories, a call and response.

Todd McMillan
Sarah Mosca

Curator Toby Chapman

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General Public: This exhibition is suitable for all ages
Schools: Suitable for Preschool – Year 12 (Early Stage 1 – Stage 6)

A fantastic opportunity for visual arts and photography students and enthusiasts to analyse how to convey emotions and stories, whilst responding to texts through the use of multi-media. Please see the ‘Schools Bookings and Resources’ section below, for more information and to book.

3 May – 15 August 2022
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Schools Bookings and Resources

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Sunrise, Sunset runs from 3 May – 15 August 2022 and is suitable for Preschool – Year 12 (Early Stage 1 – Stage 6). Please click here to find out about our school visit options designed to enhance your students’ experience at the Gallery.

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Curriculum Links
Stay Tuned – The NSW State Curriculum Links for Sunrise, Sunset will be available closer to the exhibition


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A Handy Guide to Attending the Gallery
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