03 Nov - 03 Nov 2023
90 Minutes

Song Dynasty
Tea Ceremony

With Professional Tea Ceremony Artist Cathy Zhang

Professional Tea Ceremony Artist Cathy Zhang will lead participants through a traditional tea ceremony experience, following the method used in the Song Dynasty, China (960-1279).

The ceremony will take place within the exhibition Parlour Parlëur by the ArtHitects (Gary Carsley and Renjie Teoh). Taking the parlour as a distinct social site that combines both the public and private, the artists have constructed a dynamic space for personal relationships and ritual, in a visually stunning site-specific architectural experience.

In the Song Dynasty the way to drink tea was not like the way we make loose leaf tea today. It is a tea drinking method called Dian Cha, the rise of matcha. Teas in the Song Dynasty were in the form of a tea cake (compressed tea), which would then be ground into powder, and whisked with water in a bowl to form a frothy appearance. The tea makers then would draw paintings and calligraphy on the tea froth to compete. This tea session will take you on a journey to experience the tea ceremony in Song Dynasty.


Hello, I’m Cathy Zhang, the founder of Ms.Cattea tea company. I have been professionally “brewing” in the tea industry since 2002, however my passion in tea is still growing strong. I have obtained a Bachelor degree in Tea Science from the University of Southern China Agriculture University. It was a rare subject to study. I only had 18 classmates but had 30+ teachers and professors to teach me. During the 4 years study, I have gained the highest Level of Tea Tasting Certificate nationally and been awarded as The Professional Tea Ceremony Artist in a national level too. After graduation, I have been continuously doing tea practice in China and eventually built a tea business and teahouse at home.

In 2012, the concept of building Ms.Cattea in Sydney was born and since then I have been promoting real tea culture in Australia. After many years of careful planning and preparing, in 2019, Ms.Cattea Tea Bar is finally built right at the heart of Potts Point in Sydney. I now get to share my passion in tea and tea culture to a larger community.

– Cathy Zhang


Simmer is an evening program of experimental music and art at Penrith Regional Gallery this Summer. Rich with sensorial encounters, Simmer awakens the senses as the sun sets over the gardens and galleries at Emu Plains. Simmer includes a program of music and sound art, curated by acclaimed Blue Mountains composer Monica Brooks, and a series of workshops facilitated by guest artists. CLICK HERE to view the full Simmer program.

This initiative is proudly supported by the NSW Government through the Culture Up Late Western Sydney program.

03 Nov 2023 5:00 pm

03 Nov 2023 7:00 pm

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