25 Mar - 16 Jul 2023

Penrith Regional Gallery Youth Art Prize

Until 16 July

Currently on display in Ancher House Gallery & Loungeroom Gallery

The Penrith Regional Gallery Youth Art Prize is a new initiative that aims to recognise, encourage and celebrate the creative talent of young artists in our local community. Each year, a theme will be selected for submissions, with the finalists and winners to be judged by Penrith Regional Gallery staff and established artists from western Sydney. The theme for this year is Home, and will be displayed in the Loungeroom and Ancher House galleries. Looking back to a time when these spaces were inhabited by Margo, Gerald, Darani and Tanya Lewers, the exhibition celebrates our inherited legacy as a home for art and experimentation. Within this setting, young artists have considered what home means to them and how it may be connected to identity and a sense of belonging.

The finalists have been selected by judges, artist Linda Brescia and Director Visual Arts, Toby Chapman based on the artwork’s originality and artistic interpretation of the theme. The Youth Art Prize includes four categories – ages 5 – 8, 9 – 12, 13 – 17, 18 – 25 – with submissions open to artists with a connection to Penrith and its surrounds, using any medium in two dimensions. Programmed to aligned with NSW Youth Week, the exhibition and prize are an opportunity for young people to showcase their work in a regional gallery setting.

Hailey Mou, 5 – 8 years
Alexis Elmer 9 – 12 years
Haley Smith 13 – 17 years
Lillian Neal 18 – 25 years

5 – 8 years: Georgia Garrow, Indiana Kirby, Santino (Sonny) Nardi, Mabel Pope
9 – 12 years: Tully Aaron, Violet Aaron, Myra Anand, Nyri Antraneek, Bronte Barber-Thomas, Stella Bulfonu, Isabella Deadman, Ivan Fairy, Kari Fleming, Tyson Fraser, Nicola Galea, Phoebe Galon, Lola Garrow, Neave Harriott, Jordan Kim, Jack Kirby, Isabella Latta, Scarlett Metuangaro, Sayomee Mudalige, Orion Owen, Ashton Pan, Amelie Perryman, Joanna Siow, Chelsea Stothard, Ava Watkins, Violet Wilson, Skyler Win, Henry Xian, Zane Yousef, Amadea Zivanovic
13 – 17 years: Charlotte Bowden, Hannah Brown, Emmie Canney, Anastasia Fairy, Emilia Fairy, Sybella Galluzzi, Emma Griffiths, Khai Gwyn, Crystel Hanna, Selkie Jacobson, Chelsea Jenkins, Arni Mankotia, Lilly Manning, Stephanie Maayo, Evie Mckechnie, Sophie Moon, Holly Newland, Claire Nicholls, Sanika Vanarse, Charli White, Brock Willcocks, Matthew Xuereb, Apollonia Zivanovic, Felix Zoernleib
18 – 25 years: Joni Gersbach, Jack Hirst

25 March – 16 July 2023

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