Making Sugar: a photosynthetic artifice

2 October to 3 December 2004

Curator: Victoria Harbutt
Lighting Designer: Geoff Cobham
Environmental Service Consultant: Julie Medana
Floral Designer: Angie Summers
Visual Artist: Regina Walter
Making Sugar – a photosynthetic artifice was an exhibition created through a collaborative multi-disciplinary process of research, propagation, creative conceptualising and production. This exhibition was an artifice, philosophic in its expression of a life force, scientific in its base rationale and aesthetic in its translation of the vital cosmic situation in which we find ourselves.
The project worked across several visual disciplines – contemporary installation art, lighting design, horticulture, environmental science and floral design in an innovative and challenging approach to art making, which explored aesthetic form, scientific function and natural effect.
The exhibition presented the vital relationship between the Sun and the existence and maintenance of life on Earth, by taking the viewer on a walk through an intensely stylized, concept driven installation environment. Visitors walked, led by a tightly choreographed lighting sequence, through eight sculptural installations that presented over 200 diverse plant forms. Each installation and its specific lighting sequence communicated aspects of the relationship between sunlight and growth, oxygen and basic food production (e.g. moonlight is reflected sunlight, light travels in straight lines, the true nature of light as evidenced in a rainbow). 

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