Kids’ Modernist Studio

25 June – 4 September

Four rooms of art making activities for kids to explore modernist principles via the art of Gerald Lewers, Frank Hinder, Ralph Balson and Syd Baron.

The exhibition presents four kids studio rooms that examine modernist notions of abstraction in a tangible fashion with stimulus artworks and hands on activities.

The four rooms are inspired by the art of Frank Hinder, Ralph Balson, Syd Barron and Gerald Lewers and will each contain signature works from these artists.

Children will explore elements of art practice like, transparency and opacity, drawing and geometry, balance and symmetry, scale and the human figure.

Children are invited to explore a range of materials that encourage them to walk in the shoes of a modernist. This studio exhibition is also designed to encourage visitors to follow Margo Lewers advice –

You must experiment and experiment.

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