06 May - 09 Jul 2023

Jeannie Baker: Desert Jungle

Until 9 July

Join us for the latest exhibition of artworks by renowned children’s book author and artist, Jeannie Baker. Co-produced by Penrith Regional Gallery, Home of The Lewers Bequest, this travelling exhibition has been scheduled to align with the publishing of Jeannie’s latest book, also titled Desert Jungle.

Jeannie’s vibrant and visually distinct works present a visual narrative that explores the complex biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert. Over one-third of the Australian landscape is classified as desert, and yet for most settler Australians, the desert remains a barren space. In this new story, Jeannie explores the Valley of the Cirios in Mexico, through the perspective of a young child and his grandfather.

In parts of the Valley, towering stands of Cardon Cactus – some of the largest cacti on Earth – and Elephant Trees, mix with Cirios and other unique desert plants as a ‘forest’, almost a desert jungle. These cacti and other plants form both subject and material for Jeannie, who incorporates clippings from plants in her intricate and stunning works.

During an historic moment, when the global community is grappling with the irreversible effects of climate change, Desert Jungle offers a moment of reflection and insight, to celebrate that which is unique, and cannot be lost.

6 May – 9 July 2023

Learning Resources

These resources for preschool and primary aged students and educators have been designed to complement visits to the Desert Jungle exhibition through an introduction to key themes, discussion prompts, activities and a lesson plan. Resources are aligned with Visual Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum areas.

Jeannie Baker Desert Jungle- Teachers Guide

Jeannie Baker Desert Jungle- Lesson Plan

Desert Jungle- make a picture book worksheet A3

Desert Jungle- make a picture book instructions A4

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