For Matthew and Others

1 September – 21 October 2006

For Matthew and Others – journeys with schizophrenia told, through visual, performing and literary arts the difficulties and joys experienced by people living with schizophrenia as well as their families and friends.

This project aimed to raise public awareness of one of the most stigmatised illnesses in contemporary society. There are many Matthews – men and women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds living – and ending – brave lives defined by a terrible illness. Their stories deserved to be told.

Schizophrenia ranks amongst the top 10 causes of disability in developed countries world wide. Onset is typically between the ages of 15 and 25 making schizophrenia the biggest single cause of permanent disability starting in youth. Around 1 in 100 people will develop schizophrenia in their lifetime, and this figure is the same all over the world. Around 2,000 people are newly diagnosed in Australia every year.

For Matthew and Others – Journeys with Schizophrenia presented a comprehensive exhibition, education and public program at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, Ivan Dougherty Gallery and Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest.

The exhibitions told stories about people’s struggles with schizophrenia – through artworks, diaries and sketchbooks, video, film, personal mementos and oral histories.

Campbelltown Arts Centre
1 September – 21 October 2006
The Campbelltown Arts Centre showcased works by contemporary artists who live with schizophrenia including Anthony Mannix, Graeme Doyle, Bruce Plant, Richard Morrison, Simon Champ, Wart (Jen Waterhouse), Pierre Cormarmond and Grant Rowe. Also participating in the project were Australian contemporary artists such as Anne Ferran, Elizabeth Day and Anne Louise Rowe who have a long term commitment to the issues around schizophrenia.

Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Paddington

5 October – 11 November 2006
The focus of the Ivan Dougherty Gallery exhibition was the exploration of works of art by artists from the canon of Australian art, works from major private and public collections, and related contemporary artists (plus a concurrent oral history program). Artists on exhibition will include Derwent Lees (1885-1931), John Perceval (1923-2000), Ivor Francis (1919-1986), Joy Hester (1920-1960), Albert Tucker (1914-1999), Gareth Samson and Mike Parr. The exhibition also featured oral histories.

Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
1 & 2 September 2006
For Matthew and Others – Journeys with Schizophrenia at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (aka the Joan) presents MAD SCENES – a diverse range of artists working across a range of performance, literary and cinematic disciplines. The program showcased the work of artists of excellence who work at the forefront of contemporary performing arts practice – and who live with schizophrenia. This program featured poets Sandy Jeffs, Graeme Doyle and Geoff Prince; recorded words and works by artist Anthony Mannix in collaboration with The Loop Orchestra; movies and music by Grant Rowe, and new works specially composed and performed by Elena Kats-Chernin.

Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest
1 September – 22 October 2006.
This exhibition presented Ray and Adam: Father and Son by Ray and Adam Hollingworth. Ray, a keen craftsman and musician, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1978. His son Adam is a western Sydney based professional photographer and photo-journalist. Ray gave Adam his first camera at age fourteen. The exhibition revealed a loving relationship which had been through periods of absence and illness, sustained by both father’s and son’s creativity and their love of the visual arts.

For Matthew and Others – Journeys with Schizophrenia was accompanied by a major publication that documented the outcomes of the research of the project as well as representing the works that are profiled. The publication was in full colour and over 200 pages in length. This publication became an important educative tool and featured essays by leaders in the field of schizophrenia research and treatment as well as personal stories of individuals and families impacted by the illness.

Project Curatorium 
For Matthew and Others – journeys with schizophrenia was a cross art-form and multi venue collaboration that was in development for over three years. The project was directed by a curatorium comprising:-

– Simon Champ (artist and mental health services activist)
– Anne Loxley (For Matthew and Others exhibitions curator and Manager, Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest)
– Dinah Dysart (writer, editor and arts advisor)
– Nick Waterlow OAM (Director, Ivan Dougherty Gallery)
– Lisa Havilah (For Matthew and Others exhibitions curator and Director, Campbelltown Arts Centre)
– John Kirkman (Chief Executive Officer, Penrith Performing & Visual Arts
– Felicity Fenner, (Curator, Ivan Dougherty Gallery)

Project advisors
Consulting with the project curatorium were three advisors:-
– Anne Deveson (writer, broadcaster, filmmaker and author Tell Me I’m Here)
– Dr. Alan Rosen (psychiatrist)
– Barbara Hocking (Executive Director, Sane Australia).

Project Partners
– Sane Australia
– NSW Ministry for the Arts
– Campbelltown Arts Centre
– Ivan Dougherty Gallery
– Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
– Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest
– Penrith City Council
– Campbelltown City Council
– University of New South Wales
– Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia
– The Mental Health Council of Australia
– Neuroscience Institute of Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders (NISAD)

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