16 April – 19 June

Alterbeast exists primarily as a core group of three artists: Mikala Dwyer, Carla Cescon and Tina Havelock Stevens, who in collective mode, work together combining sound, video, performance, paintings, sculptures and props to present open-ended ideas.

Alterbeast also invites guest artists to contribute artwork which will be woven into the idea; for Lewers House the invited artists are Justene Williams, Rolande Souliere, Rachel Scott and Scott Donovan.

The idea: there is another kind of mutating beast beyond those we have experienced in horror movies – a beast borne of our own doing, of our anxiety, repressed behaviours and self-denial. The pleasure humans take in horror – so irrational and counter intuitive, offers a passage into a fertile space of hallucination.

Our conjurings are materialised into drawings, objects and performative displays which then act as invocations of desire, anger, obsession, torture – delight. The installation, an impulsive diarised storytelling, continues to reflect normality as hyper-ballad.

The artworks are situated on the intersection between multiple environments or realities, each aspect of the installation is a bid to lure and make believe, asking the viewer to become party to the exploitation of our human vulnerability; acknowledging the fact that the world is one big complicated mess. This seemingly haphazard approach has an underlying logic – supernatural imaginary as a catalyst for lateral thinking, discovery and invention.

Drumming us through the threshold of this space, Tina Havelock Stevens will take your cortex to the vortex. Protected by the hounds of Satan and the guardians of the corners, viewers will walk uninhibited.


Alterbeast, April 2011

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